Medical School Tips: How to Get into a Top Medical School

Medical School Tips: How to Get into a Top Medical School


If you’re looking to pursue a career in the medical field, you’re likely looking into medical school. However, as many aspiring doctors and physicians learn, medical school is nothing to take lightly. Among the most difficult of masters-level university curriculums you can take, medical courses will test every bit of your knowledge about medicine.

That is, of course, assuming you even get in. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you get into a top medical school and start your career off right.

Walk the Walk

It’s one thing to just say you want to dedicate your life to the medical profession. It’s another thing to actually follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest healers and practice medicine. To prove to schools that you’ve got what it takes to handle the rigors of practicing medicine, you’ll likely want some volunteer experience on your resume.

Before you even think about the medical experience, think about your total volunteer hours. Consider putting in time at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, helping people who are in rough situations. You could spend time volunteering to help build homes or giving back to the community through donation programs. Remember: doctors tend to be altruistic by definition, so proving that you have others’ interests at heart is critical to getting into a good medical school.

Job Shadowing

Okay, now think about the medical experience. If you volunteer and find you have a true passion for helping others, try to get some hours in shadowing a doctor or nurse on their job. This will give you first-hand experience about what the day-to-day work in a medical setting looks like. For some people, this is enough to show them that they’re not cut out for the work.

For others, however, this experience is both enriching and helps them double down on their determination to get into medical school and practice medicine.

Apply Everywhere

Seriously, this part is big. Don’t be picky. Apply everywhere. You never know what schools might think when they see your application, so just put applications in with everyone.

Study Harder Than You’ve Ever Studied

The MCAT is not a test to be taken lightly, and you’ll need to pass it to get into medical school. There are numerous options out there for studying the test, and the sooner you get to those, the better. You can’t be too prepared.

Remember, medical school is hard work, and it requires a determination that many people simply don’t possess. Be ready to explain why you want to be a doctor, and defend your reasoning against a panel. You can’t be in it for the money or the glory. You need to be in it for altruistic reasons, or it will simply never be the field for you.