Sugar Water and Garlic: The Magic Cures Each Family Has for Illness

Sugar Water and Garlic: The Magic Cures Each Family Has for Illness


Every family has their own set of tools to tackle anything from the common cold to a broken bone. Some families believe a special kind of soup can cure any sore throat, while others preach gargling salt water.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest and most interesting family “cures,” courtesy of Reddit. Maybe even give some a try!

Different strokes

For my mom: Taking precautions and getting yearly vaccines against Influenza and other diseases.

For my dad: Rub some dirt on it. You’ll live. – u/ChocoaQueen

A medley of comfort

Vicks VapoRub and wool socks. And eat lots of chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. – u/22pop*lls


These were the go-to cures from my old fast food job:

Mustard directly on a burn to keep it from stinging.

Cola, salt, and lemon to fix any problem that wasn’t a burn. – u/demonkittydotcom

This is why you have to be specific

My grandmother said white vinegar will cure anything. It does take the heat out of a sunburn. However, one of my older sisters was having some female pains. My grandma told her to sit in her bathtub with some vinegar. The idiot didn’t add water – just straight vinegar. – u/smillb

Stay away, vampires

Garlic! My husband’s mom, who is Romanian, believes garlic cures everything. She even says if you have an earache, stick a clove of garlic in your ear. Stomach hurts? Eat 3 cloves of raw garlic. Diarrhea? Drink mint tea after eating 3 cloves of raw garlic. – u/Shelby1abby1

The Finns do it right

Booze, tar and sauna. There is a saying in Finland that if those won’t help, the illness is fatal. (And also spruce sap.)

And I have to say, these have actually helped me many times… – u/aavameri

Mother knows best

7up and saltines was mom’s go-to. – u/stupidlyugly

I vote for this one

Sugar water with saffron for literally everything. I’m actually sipping on some right now. – u/swimminginafishbowl1

The secret to longevity

I’m disgusted to say it but my grandma and grandpa love to drink apple cider vinegar with honey. Like a whole glass. What. – u/glucksafari

Two great remedies combined!

Corn huskers (it’s like petroleum jelly for farmers) on my dad’s side, and “Visualize yourself surrounded by light” on my mom’s side. – u/JadedPlantLady

Some answers edited for clarity.